Daily Archives: February 2, 2009

The Bitter Tears … spreading the jam

Chicago’s The Bitter Tears are a truly extraordinary group of musicians that one must experience in the live concert setting to truly appreciate the in-your-face absurdity and pure drama that their rambling catchy dada cabaret has to offer. Their often humorous and overwrought lyrics run the gamut of satire, lust, and the grotesque and the orchestrations created by this oddball group will build a groove and sway, then seem to fall apart at the seams in a sort of controlled deconstruction and then bring you back around in whirl of bass and trombone. The Bitter Tears are preparing to release a new LP Jam Tarts and the Jakehouse, which comes out March 3rd on Carrot Top Records. If you are looking for an off-the-wall night of music, I recommended checking out The Bitters at one of their upcoming dates.

Chicago Tour Dates: 
Fri Feb 6 at Empty Bottle
Sat Mar 7 at Hideout

DOWNLOAD: The Bitter Tears – “Slay the Heart of the Earth” – [MP3]

DOWNLOAD: The Bitter Tears – “Starlight” – [MP3]

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