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Video: Black Box Recorder – “Child Psychology”

Black Box Recorder are coming back after six years on hiatus (not counting the single they recorded with Art Brut), Luke Haines has confirmed they will be recording a new album this year. They are even playing a few gigs in the UK. It looks as though the new album will be loosely based on the punk group Crass. Here’s hoping they make their way stateside, perhaps alongside The Jesus and Mary Chain. Go, go Glasgow!

Sarah Nixey website | John Moore website | Luke Haines website

the worst question for a music obsessive….

there’s no worse question for a music obsessive than ‘what’s your favorite song?’

i guess if i had to answer i’d have to say ‘heroes‘. but even that doesn’t feel right.

street hassle‘ seems to be dominating my view lately…

i suppose that i am most grateful for the creation of these pages ( one of the most loving ‘kick in the asses’ i’ve had the pleasure of receiving) as an avenue of purging some of these thoughts which seem to dominate a such a sizeable portion of my daily existence.

so more to come…

baby step #1