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Listen Up: Cut Off Your Hands

When listening to Cut Off Your Hands’ new LP You & I, this New Zealand quartet reminds you why you liked all those New Wave/Post-punk pop bands that came four years before. The peppy, high energy numbers on the album are striking, yet very familiar, for example “Expectations” sounds like a Hot Fuss outtake that should have made it to the record and the sweet and catchy “Oh Girl” harken backs to the harmless fun of Razorlight. Much of the album exists in the world of driving rhythms, snappy guitar licks, and wavering vocals, the low key moments, ie “Hearbreak” reveal the soul of the band’s sonic diversity, all in all a decent debut. Can you dance to most of it? Signs point to yes. Can you clap along? Definitely.

DOWNLOAD: Cut Off Your Hands – “You and I” – [MP3]

The fresh, hot, new video for “Turn Cold”, the second single off You & I

Chicago Tour Date:
Mar.14.2009 @ Hideout, Chicago IL
Mar.15.2009 @ Darkroom, Chicago IL

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