Daily Archives: February 8, 2009

Listen Up: Tiago La is Losing The Plot

Here is a recommendation from the obscure file: a little known recluse by name of Drew Brown, a man of many names (Paper Jones, Coke Dance), has taken on the moniker Tiago La is Losing The Plot and released a Ziggy Stardust-esque EP that revolves around the myth of Tiago La. This curious 6 song EP Tiago La is Losing The Plot is peppered with influences that make this listener perk up his ears. The first track “Lucien Guide” is a delicately crafted song full of self harmonizing samples and orchestration akin to Pink Floyd. The second track “Ages For Avedon” highlights the similarities between Brown’s voice and the late Elliott Smith, attribute it to the method of creation, it does not sound like a forced imitation of Smith, but a natural kinship. The third track “Jettisoned (Interlude)” is probably my favorite as it kicks of a glam rock ballad with twinges of Bowie vocal notes. “Hostage” is loaded with spacey sound effects in juxtaposition to a solid acoustic guitar groove and Brown’s echo-y vocals. “Casualty at Stative Square” is a straight forward guitar driven song with complimentary piano and SFX accents. The final song “Tiago La” takes the folk pop of Brown and infuses yet more sampling and drum machine to create a downtempo finale to the EP. Overall, a very promising effort from a very talented musician capable of crafting finely tuned tracks full of lush sampling and ethereal vocals. I look forward to a full length down the road, for now this EP will keep spinning on the pod.

RIYL: Elliott Smith, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Postal Service

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