Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

Listen Up: Blood Red Shoes

This one has been a long time coming, in a world filled with music dynamic duos, Blood Red Shoes has joined the ranks of this listener’s favorites just under The Kills, The White Stripes, and Death From Above 1979. Interestingly enough, comparisons can be roughly drawn to the aforementioned acts. Blood Red Shoes is made up of Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, two British musicians who sneer and kick with a sharp edge. When I first heard their I’ll Be Your Eyes EP, it very quickly caught and held my attention. What stuck with me the most was the fullness of their sound, the rawness and sheer intensity of it all. It’s dirty and invokes the spirit of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Pretty Girls Make Graves and allows it self to spin and unravel as it goes. One of the standouts is “It’s Getting Boring By The Sea”, an extremely tight, rip roaring track. It’s not trailblazing, but that doesn’t take anything away in terms of straight up quality. You can sample it in the youtube vid below:

They are currently working on material for their second full length, but I recommend checking out Box of Secrets, you can pick up an import on Amazon used fairly cheap.

Blood Red Shoes on Myspace | website | Buy Box of Secrets