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Listen Up: Sister Suvi

From unknown to soon to be on everyone’s tongues, Montreal’s newest golden child Sister Suvi is a DIY trio sure to set your ears ablaze! Made up of guitar, ukulele, and drums vigorously brought to life by this crafty group of young musicians, Sister Suvi creates an undeniably attractive sound and the world needs more bands with ukuleles. They released The Colour EP in 2006 engineered by Mark Lawson (The Unicorns, Arcade Fire) and toured with Islands, so they already are in good company. Last year Sister Suvi self-released a mini-CD, The Mandala of Power which includes some impressive tracks, including one of my favorites: “Lightning Train”. This year they plan on recording/releasing a new LP with Mark Lawson, so keep your keys peeled to their website for more information on that front.

A glowing gem of a number, “Lightning Train” is a radiating track. It is a grand showcase of all three instruments, as well as the sharp and penetrating vocal arrangements. The roaring sound falls away nicely as it frames the lyric: “I don’t want your body, baby that’s not my game, I just want to hear you play the guitar like a lightning train…” and vamps back in again, it lulls you into a hypnotic state with the subtle “choo choo’s” then explodes into an expansive wall of sound.

But seeing is believing, be sure to check out Sister Suvi in the flesh, they currently have 2 upcoming Chicago performances.

Chicago Tour Dates:
Mar 25. 09 at AV-Aerie (with Takka Takka)
May 09. 09 at Empty Bottle (with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down)

Download: Sister Suvi – “The Lot” – [MP3]
Download: Sister Suvi – “Lightning Train” – [MP3]

Sister Suvi on Myspace | website | Buy Colour EP