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Video: The Builders & The Butchers – “Golden and Green”

The spirit of old time Gospel filtered through the modern folk pop lens ala a similiar Month-ist named band, The Builders & The Butchers embrace their sound with the guts and determination of a tattered civil war band. They go to battle with the appearance of chaos, but the orchestrations are meticulously honed and cared for. They recently released a new album and above is the video for the first track off Salvation is a Deep Dark Well. If you are going to Lollapalooza, be sure to check them out on the BMI stage.

Chicago Tour Dates:
AUG. 07. 09 @ Grant Park (Lollapalooza) 1:45PM – BMI Stage

DOWNLOAD: The Builders and The Butchers – “Bottom of The Lake” – [MP3]

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