Monthly Archives: January 2010

GENERATIONALS – “Angry Charlie” // ((New school vintage lo-fi indie pop from New Orleans, loaded with bright 60s jangling guitars and wall of sound production.)) RIYL: The Shins, The Kinks, Spinto Band

CIVIL TWILIGHT – “Letters From The Sky” // ((Grandiose piano-centric rock with soaring vocals tinged with anguish over booming guitars and anthem ready compostions.)) RIYL: Hawksley Workman, Radiohead, Muse

CRYSTAL FIGHTERS – “Xtatic Truth” // ((Spanish folktronica group combines Basque folk instruments with drum loops and synths to create a clever, danceable sound.)) RIYL: MIA, Fischerspooner, CSS

CLUES – “You Have My Eyes Now” // ((Montreal indie pop collective creating dark and beautiful compositions with a loaded artillery of instruments.)) RIYL: Unicorns, Arcade Fire, Sunset Rubdown

THE INFORMATIONS – “Strange Habits” // ((Self-proclaimed “most hyped Japenese/Swedish indie band” creating original arrangements of sound with airy, spastic vocals and bright guitar riffs. Sure to make some noise in 2010.)) RIYL: Prince, Oh No Ono, Neon Blonde

CLOCK OPERA – “White Noise” // ((Moving electro pop compositions of micro-samples and orchestrated blips that supports Guy Connelly’s amazing vocals.)) RIYL: The Field, Wolf Parade, Tom Vek

VOLCANO CHOIR – “Island, IS” – ((Dynamic and intricate layering of loops and off-kilter tempos with gorgeous backwoods harmonies and Justin Vernon’s vocals make this Wisconsin folk rock collective shine.)) RIYL: Bon Iver, Steve Reich, Arcade Fire