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Video: The Builders & The Butchers – “Golden and Green”

The spirit of old time Gospel filtered through the modern folk pop lens ala a similiar Month-ist named band, The Builders & The Butchers embrace their sound with the guts and determination of a tattered civil war band. They go to battle with the appearance of chaos, but the orchestrations are meticulously honed and cared for. They recently released a new album and above is the video for the first track off Salvation is a Deep Dark Well. If you are going to Lollapalooza, be sure to check them out on the BMI stage.

Chicago Tour Dates:
AUG. 07. 09 @ Grant Park (Lollapalooza) 1:45PM – BMI Stage

DOWNLOAD: The Builders and The Butchers – “Bottom of The Lake” – [MP3]

The Builders & The Butchers on Myspace | website | Buy Salvation is a Deep Dark Well 

Listen Up: Holiday Shores

Ahoy! Holiday Shores are coming to Chicago and they are bringing with them an arsenal of catchy loud pop music tinted in spirit of the Florida sunshine. It’s altogether low-fi, vibrant, atmospheric, with distorted vocals, bright melodies that rise to a crescendo and then come crashing down all in the same track. Holiday Shores are preparing to release their first LP Columbus’d The Whim August 4th on two syllable records.  Check ’em out when they play Empty Bottle on August 25th.

Watch the video for the single “Phones Don’t Feud”

Chicago Tour Dates:
AUG. 25. 09 @ Empty Bottle (with Distractions)

DOWNLOAD: Holiday Shores -“Phones Don’t Feud” – [MP3]

Holiday Shores on Myspace | website | Pre-Order Columbus’d The Whim

Listen Up: Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees deliver an avant garde, noise rock attack from the Bay Area with an undeniable allure. This is the type of music that emerges from the wreckage of a burning garage set ablaze by the sound of fuzzy guitars, placed feedback, and trashy female/male vocals that haunt the rambling compositions. Their recently released LP Help (In The Red Records 2009) is loaded with nuggets worthy of the 60s garage rock underground, a more focused step forward from their previous release The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In, though very much in the same dirty psychedelic veins. Thee Oh Sees take their root  influences and create a world of their own and it’s one that I can get lost in.

Chicago Tour Dates:
SEPT. 27. 09 – Schubas (w/The Fresh and Onlys)

DOWNLOAD:   Thee Oh Sees -“Enemy Destruct” – [MP3]

Thee Oh Sees on Myspace | Buy Help on

Listen Up: Ebony Bones!

Ebony Thomas aka Ebony Bones! from South London is the best new artist of 2009 you’ve been waiting to get your summer party started. A talented, self taught musician Ebony creates extremely rythmic and booty shaking music that pulls from a kaleidoscope of influences from afro-beat, punk rock, glam rock, electro-clash and hip pop. She sings and produces all her own material with a voice likened to that of Bjork, Grace Jones, and Kate Bush, she is a true DIY-original. Her debut album was just released in Japan and it is loaded with wild and danceable cacophonies from start to finish, Bone of My Bones should be released in the US soon. Get a grand sneak when she hits up Chicago this weekend, cause “all we got is each other and the muzik to keep us warm.”

Video for “The Muzik”:

Chicago Tour Dates:
JUL 25. 09 – Debonair – (Live set + DJ set)
JUL 26. 09 – Wicker Park Summerfest (6PM – Live set)
JUL 26. 09 – Evil Olive (DJ set / afterparty)

DOWNLOAD: Ebony Bones!- “We Know All Know About U”-[MP3]

Ebony Bones! on Myspace | Buy Bone of My Bones [IMPORT]

Listen Up: Bad Veins

Bad Veins is an excellent 2-piece hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio who pump out sweet indie rock pop and are worthy of your bloody time. They recently released their self-titled debut and it is loaded with some fine pop tune-smith-ship, songs composed of standard drum and guitar and then filled out with taped orchestrations on and old school reel to reel deck (she’s named Irene and she sounds lovely) all lay the ground work for singer/guitarist Benjamin Davis’ perfectly tortured vocals. Give a listen to “Afraid” and “The Lie” on their myspace for a sample of more expansive melancholy side of their pop sound that really soars. Check them out at the Abbey Pub on July 31st and see Irene in action.

Bad Veins performing “Falling Tide” at Knitting Factory NY:

Chicago Tour Dates:
JUL 30. 09 @ Abbey Pub (with Now Now Every Children)

DOWNLOAD: Bad_Veins- “Gold_and_Warm” – [MP3]

Bad Veins on Myspace | website | Buy Bad Veins LP on Amazon

Listen Up: Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts is the type of band I would listen to if I were slipping away into my own self erasure. Their sound is full of haunting, screeching vocals that glide across without presumption and predominantly in falsetto in the hands of lead singer Hayden Thorpe. His is a voice and style akin to Finn Andrews (The Veils) and Antony Hegarty. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely fits my mood. The most accessible track on their full length LP Limbo, Panto released on Domino Records, is the slightly upbeat “The Devil’s Crayon”, with it’s almost island type rhythms and soaring vocals. The entire album is full of a well thought out ethereal style grounded in comfortable pop sensibilities, but it creates a world that is inviting and seductive. “A slap on my ass, a slap on my ass, from my baaaaaaybeeee.” Wild Beasts will release their second album Two Dancers on Domino Records on September 8, 2009.

New Video for “Hooting & Howling”

DOWNLOAD: Wild Beasts- “The Devil's Crayon” (Acoustic Version) – [MP3]

Wild Beasts on Myspace | website | Buy Limbo, Panto (Used CDs is cheap!)

Listen Up: Faunts

Faunts are a quintet of musicians from Edmonton, Alberta, they recently released their 2nd full-length album Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. on the Friendly Fire label. Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. is full of glistening electro-pop ballads and grandiose electronic orchestrations with enough depth and relevancy to entertain the fans of New Order and The Postal Service. The opening track “Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.” is refreshing rush to the heart of beeps and blips with simple gentle raspy vocals that floats along a sonic landscape. Another standout track is “It Hurts Me All The Time”, which feels as close to Joy Division and The Cure as you can get and still keep your creative freshness, the instrumentation entangles you and the heartbreak of the lyrics allows the emotional state of the music to ring through.

Download: Faunts – “Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.” – [MP3]
Download: Faunts – “It Hurts Me All The Time” – [MP3]

Faunts on Myspace | website | Buy Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. LP